Sep 7, 2009

In Process..

The definition of Book according to OXFORD concise dictionary: Is a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together. The conventional idea of book is a form that has a specific kind of physicality and function.The aspect of value production is the crucial role that these forms of book play as they have been understood as memoirs of historical times. So, there is something which is understood as the bookness of the book in the sense of the way in which it should be made, read etc.

Through mentioning some of the basic instances with regard to the conventional ideas about books, my attempt here is to introduce the process of the current international residency that largely contextualizes within the peripheries of Bookmaking. It is important to understand here that the basic conceptual premise of this residency is to move away from the conventional modes of approaching the structure of Book. It is to re-think about the book itself, including the processes of how it is made, looked, understood and read. But some of the fragmented aspects that have been associated with books historically definitely re-occur within the creative methodologies of this residency. As the practitioners come from different cultural/disciplinary backgrounds it paves a path for newer explorations and enquires with regard to space, medium and approach. In a discursive space such as this, the Ideas are shared, thoughts are re-worked and attempts are re-interpreted.

The studio space transforms into a Page erasing and re-working itself. A paper roll gets molded into a large landscape starting from the sea to an urban architectural scene. Multiple varieties of objects like mirrors, bird cages come together at the work place to decipher meanings. Thus this residency is the space where all these diversities come together and stand as a site of fragmented assemblage. As these attempts are in process I would look forward to see their re-configurations in the coming days.

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