Sep 19, 2009

Orijit Sen Visited the Khoj Studios

Orijit Sen a designer, creative writer and the co-founder of People Tree visited the KHOJ studios to share ideas and interact with the participating artists of the residency. His visits to each of the studios brought up into discussion the concerns of the artists in both technical and conceptual premises. In an informally initiated dialogue on the different modes of understanding the structure of the book, Orjit explained the way in which the structure of the book itself transformed. He said that the Books today are no more informing agents rather they are understood as objects having larger political function. He also inquired the concerns of the artists as to the way in which each one of them are dealing with the idea of the book, as the thematic of the residency is to move away from the conventional methods of bookmaking.

The Discussion with Orijit opened up newer ideas about the formulations of the residency both in the technical and historical contexts.It actually made us realize at an appropriate moment as to where the residency is heading towards in the process of interpreting the Idea of the Book and how to go ahead with it in much more nuanced way.

In discussion With Sachin G Sebastian

In conversation with all the participants of the Residency

In the Studio of Meghna and Aditya

In Sukanya Ghosh's Studio

In the Space of Logaine Navascues

In an Interaction With Sebastian Corodova

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